How much does it cost to join?

We're excited about our new plan and rates! has changed its plan to a no-fee sign-up account for two (2) years (ending on 12/31/18).

How is different from other sites?

Other sites are essentially storage sites, where users stream mixes. is the first app to pay DJs. The more active fans a DJ has, the more money a DJ will make

How does DJMixes work?

DJMixes is a platform that allows DJs to upload their mixes, network with other DJs, and get discovered by fans, all while getting paid for those mixes.

What are some of the DJMixes tools?

DJs can organize their work, and upload and save all DJ mixes into one electronic folder for easy storage. There are features to browse and listen to the inspiring work of other DJs. There's potentially a rewarding collaboration as DJs connect and network with other music lovers from around the world. Tools such as the calendar feature, allow fans to know when and where a DJs next big gig will be.

What is the calendar feature?

Promote your appearances by letting your fans know where you will be DJing in the upcoming months! Wherever you go DJ, promote your work through by giving out your personal "promo fan code" so that fans can subscribe to our website while listening to all your mixes!

So how does a DJ begin to establish a large fan base number?

You need to have followers! makes this easy to do! Sign up with us now and get started on your DJ profile page. Make sure to upload as much information as you can about yourself so that fans feel like they know who you are. The better the connection between you and your fans, the stronger the loyalty they will have to you!

Can I try DJMixes first to see if I like it?

Yes, of course! For a limited time we are offering DJs the opportunity to get started at no cost for 90 days.

Why should fans join?

Fans can have an easy way to follow and support their favorite DJs and discover lots of new talent. But really the best part is the ability to throw an awesome party. Simply hooking up a phone, tablet, or laptop onto a TV or sound system can give partiers the ultimate nightclub experience at home!